The Promote Love Movement is a collective of LGBTQ & allied individuals united for the purpose of promoting love. We offer a safe space for LGBTQ+ & allied individuals raised in any religious environment to come together, share our stories, and #PROMOTELOVE.

We believe in a world that embraces diversity of human connection by promoting inclusion in a global community, and tearing down fear-based barriers that prevent authentic relationships.


Your donation enables us to plan and organize local meet-ups in the future within the Promote Love community and continue to provide support for the LGBTQ friends with our allies.

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Storytelling can soften hearts and bring people together. We encourage people to live true to themselves, find their happiness, connect with strangers and share their stories. Teddy shares his story with us about what it is like to be transgender. Join us on a day in the life with our friend, learn about the entire process and show some love to our trans family. MORE HERE.

A mom and her daughter share their story. From coming out and struggling with their relationship to mending it through love. Love heals everything. Music by: David Ramirez and Penny & Sparrow.